Company History

Visionary Brands, Inc was founded in 2002 by two brothers during the same time that the e-commerce industry was in its infancy. As the demand for buying and selling products online grew, Visionary Brands introduced new and unique products to the aftermarket automotive industry. For us, this was just the beginning in developing a product line with a wide variety of selections, unique designs, and great customer support.

Today, Visionary Brands is a multifaceted international e-commerce company reaching consumers globally, while increasing opportunities for expansion and brand recognition. A parent corporation to multiple e-commerce companies, Visionary Brands has continuously pushed the envelope with innovative product designs that are derived from cutting edge technologies and the hottest trends. Our company was developed around our core values, to offer competitively priced quality products, sold directly to the customer or through specialty automotive enthusiast retailers and to provide excellent customer support. Visionary Brands keeps core operations like customer support, marketing, and fulfillment in-house to improve the consumer experience. To this day, Visionary Brands preserves the values built from humble beginnings, as we continue to excel in the fast-paced e-commerce automotive industry.

Niche Ecommerce Fields

Visionary Brands offers specialty accessories for the automotive market that you won't be able to normally find at a local store in your area. With the online selling environment continuing to grow at a high rate, versatility is imperative and it's a must to utilize multiple channels to reach consumers both globally and domestically. Visionary Brands is not a strict ecommerce retailer, but uses channels through our specialty stores' websites, public marketplaces including Amazon and eBay, as well as the more traditional methods of direct sales and support telephone lines. Either way you define it, Visionary Brands is a multifaceted organization reaching out to consumers in many different ways, while increasing the opportunity for more sales and expanding brand recognition.

Our Family Of Companies

Since the beginning, the mission has been to offer the highest quality automotive accessories directly to our customers at affordable prices, as well as providing exceptional customer support. These two core values of Visionary Brands have resulted in major expansion through multiple subsidiary retailers specializing in aftermarket accessories for the automotive market.