All you'll need is one visit to Visionary Brands and you will discover the passionate and hard-working foundation that has helped this company flourish into what it is today. The combination of leadership, teamwork and chemistry are vital to the overall success of any organization and the people who work here are fully invested. Visionary Brands is the type of company where people are excited about coming to work and it's important for us to provide a low-pressure, but diligent workplace for our employees who know the balance between business and fun.

Visionary Brands offers employees full coverage benefits that promote health and wellness, as well as the ability to build current and future financial security through a 401(k) retirement plan. Retirement plans offered include both Roth 401(k) and traditional 401(k) with a company Safe Harbor Match, however it is at the company's discretion to change the contributions each year. Employees may enroll their domestic partners and eligible children as covered dependents under our insurance plans, if the employee meets the criteria.

"Working at Visionary Brands has been a very rewarding experience for me. This company has enabled me to broaden my horizon with a higher skill level of many programs, along with ability to have my foot in the operations of several departments. I've been privileged to attend many different types of events across the country to showcase the products that our companies offer. I wouldn't trade my experiences at Visionary Brands for anything."

"Visionary Brands is more than just a company to me, it's family. I consider myself lucky to hold a position at a company where everyone's voice and opinions have been taken into consideration since day one. It's been an amazing journey growing with this company and looking ahead, I'm extremely happy to know I have been a part in shaping it."

"I started working at Visionary Brands almost three years ago and I couldn't be happier with my decision. It's a fast paced environment that's always on the cutting edge and I love the challenges I face on a daily basis. Visionary Brands has allowed me to grow, not only in our Marketing Department, but also as a person. My marketing team, as well as the rest of Visionary Brands' staff couldn't be better people to work with and I can honestly say that I love coming to work every day."